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Shilpa Verma

Artist | Melbourne, Australia


Hi, I'm Shilpa Verma, an Australian-based endocrinologist with a unique journey shaped by resilience and passion. Diagnosed with type one diabetes at the age of 8, I turned adversity into a driving force, dedicating my career to helping others navigate the same condition. As an Indian migrant, I've embraced the diversity of Australia, creating a fulfilling family and professional life.

Beyond the medical realm, I've found a canvas for my inner creativity through art, using it as a powerful means of self-expression. My artistic journey goes beyond personal fulfillment—I aim to make a lasting impact and build deeper connections with people. Through my artwork, I strive to bridge the gap between healing and creativity, fostering understanding and empathy. Join me on this multifaceted journey of healing, diversity, and creativity at the intersection of health and art, where every stroke aims to create not just a visual experience but a meaningful connection.

For business enquiries contact me at

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